Quarantine streams

Dear NLTT? Ravers, we will be blunt with this message, Covid-19 is no joke.
It’s a grave situation that affects us all, young or old, family, friends and loved ones.

Yes, we’re sad that we have to cancel some of our events, but at the same time, we’re not.
Your health and safety have always been our primary objective, there’s no party when there’s no one around anymore.
But together we can defeat this monstrosity, by respecting the rules and stay home when it’s not necessary to go out.
That doesn’t mean we can not keep you entertained during these dire times.

We want to bring you light and brighten up your day with quality pounding Techno, like we always do.
Every weekend from now on, until the end of lockdown, we will stream live from 4pm till 7pm.
Bringing you fresh and exciting artists like our residents and also other respective artists.

Of course within the rules that are upon us and extra precautions, no more than 3 people in the studio at the same time, with proper distance between all individuals and last but not least, disinfectant gel.

See you at our streams, stay safe dear ravers!


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