1. Rave Slave (Lina Respen & Benn-x remix) Atze Ton 6:17
  2. Benn-x @ Rumba Goes Techno (Mix) Benn-x 1:53:59
  3. Molecular Assemblers (Lina Respen & Benn-x remix) Corey Biggs 8:31
  4. Mars Benn-x 5:41
  5. New World Order (Benn-x remix) Gregor Size 5:38

Started clubbing and dj-ing in 1992 as a 15 year old. Instantly bitten by the pounding techno beats. Since then playing at all the major events in his hometown Mechelen.

As the co-founder of the well known Living Room Parties he is still a fixed value in the underground techno scene in Mechelen. Two years ago it was time to go a step further and started producing. Had some major releases on Cherry Moon records, Red Channel records, Ushuaia records, Ithica records, MTZ Noir records and many more.
He is a frequently asked remixer for artists like Atze Ton, Stu & Brew, NÜWA,…
Since September 2019 he is also label manager at MTZ Noir records. His dj sets are dark and energetic.

Youtube - Quarantine Session with Benn-x


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Co-founder of the well known Living Room parties and Label Manager of MTZ Noir Records. Since early 2020 a member of the NLTT? family.