1. VIEF New Year p1 - 31-12-2018 (Mix) Beau Demeyer 1:43:57

The musical story of BØDM starts with a classic note. When he was younger, he went to the “Hagelands atelier” to learn music theory and its application. No better way to apply music theory, then by playing the acoustic guitar, and in BØDM’s case, this even got extended to the electric guitar.

While technically speaking, he already did his first steps in electronic music by playing the electrical guitar, it took some years for him before he really explored the world of dance music. And BØDM did this by going to parties that hosted Electro and Electro Minimal music, made by artists that are quite big such as Gesaffelstein and Oliver Koletzki.

The transition from frequent party visitor to performing artist rather happend coincidentally. When friends of him threw a party, and when the sound system was left behind after the party together with a fully functional DJ booth, he saw the opportunity to try to play as well. In a moment of enlightenment, BØDM decided to collect a lot of music after that, and it was only 2 weeks later that he bought his first CD-players. Then a lot of practising came into the story, and it was only one month later that he got his first booking.

Deep diving into electronic music started with a lot of house and tech house, but that quickly grew into a love for one of the genres that could easily go in line with the aforementioned, and already made history on dance floors for many decades: techno. This particular genre determined his influences as well. Be it Len Faki, ANNA, Johannes Heil, Setaoc Mass or Carl Craig, everything from deeply rooted and pioneering artists to emerging talents from the underground and beyond, there’s no doubt that he knows what techno inspires him and how he should display that in his sets.

From that moment on it was going quite fast. His career started to make speed with a good number of gigs: these were ranging from the dark cellars of Club Vaag, to warehouse parties in Sofia, Bulgaria, to playing at AftrSun festival and many more. Shortly said, BØDM is growing and determining his place as a electronic musician and performer. Indeed, his aspiration to be a performer, is not only making sure he brings his story in DJ-sets, it’s also taking a shape into own productions and the development of a live set. What eventually will become of this, is something that only the future could tell us. All in all, BØDM is an artist that has the passion for music since he was a kid. Music indeed has a deeper meaning for him and it’s his goal to transfer that passion to the people that want to hear it. After all, it’s all about sharing the same love for the beat and the frequency, and that’s what BØDM is about.

While exploring the depths of producing and performing, he also accepted other challenges. He became label manager of the label that is an extension of AFTR’s organisation: Aftrwhat Records. As his aim for quality is high, he also wants to safeguard the quality of the releases on this label, and joining the NOBODY LISTENS TO TECHNO? family as a steady member on their roster, as a continuation of his love for music.



A&R for Aftrwhat Records and since early 2020 a member of the NLTT? family.