1. Ambiguous Shapes (Original Mix) Dimitri Cooman 6:56
  2. Olive (T78 remix) Dimitri Cooman 6:37
  3. Acid Flavor (NÜWA remix) Dimitri Cooman & Danny C 7:14

Born near Brussels and raised in Aalst, Dimitri fell in love with music early on.
The interest in house –and techno music grew since the start of going out to small venues and raves at the
age of 16.
Soon he visited one of the mayor Belgian clubs called Cherry Moon. There everything changed!
Impressed by the “the club, the people and the music” he quickly fell in love with ‘The House of House” and
that love for the club would not change until this day.
Even after the final closing of Cherry Moon he kept on following the Cherry Moon artists –and sound all
over Belgium. During this period he started mixing himself, playing the music he loved from his
Since a while ago he is an official resident and one of the driving forces behind the Cherry Moon events
and tours with Cherry Moon all over Belgium and playing on numerous techno events.
His first EP’s have also been released recently on Cherry Moon Records, the Berlin based Db130 and the
Italian SMR Underground with more to come very soon.

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Dimitri Cooman


Label manager of Cherry Moon Records. Official resident and one of the driving forces behind the Cherry Moon and Techno Avenue events.