1. Astorus EJE 6:50
  2. Enli EJE 7:14
  3. Hennoch EJE 7:18
  4. Light Cone EJE 7:14
  5. Point Place EJE 7:08

Andres and Rene met in 2014 with an immediate harmony.
After meeting up in the studio they realized that they share a passion for the same technoid, melodic, spherical and impulsive sound.After perceiving Andres and Rene founded EJE in the end of 2016.
The EJE poster child is a self-made alien costume in which they perform.”EJE” are music scientists of another dimension.
The EJE fan community grows from gig to gig and edges their own productions!

With big releases on labels such as Voltage Records, Redrum Music and Oscuru Music, it’s safe to say you will be joining them while they blast you to other dimensions!



“EJE” are music scientists of another dimension!