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Born in Sint-Truiden, Her Mania started to DJ in 2005, at the age of 19. Over the years, she has evolved her musical skills, by mixing a large variety of electronic styles, such as goa trance, minimal and house. This way, she developed the necessary technical knowledge to eventually switch to techno and mashed up (instrumental + electronic music ). Her Mania provides and maintains a distinctive character to her sound and now plays driving and uplifting techno beats for her crowd to rave on. 

Her Mania wants to stand out as a DJ by refining her sound and technique and making it more specific. Pursuing performance for her style, using the right tools and techniques to get that “Her Mania” sound, is very important for her to be associated with as a DJ. 

Her Mania’s love for music also led to the founding of Strohm Records in 2018, her own quality-certified techno label, supporting mainly Belgian artists. Now, a few years later, Strohm Records is already featuring 37 artists and nearly 80 releases. She even founded an additional label to release other styles like house and experimental music, named Lipstick On Records.

Her dedication to music is not only a commitment as a business owner, label manager, artist recruiter (A&R) and a DJ, it is her entire lifestyle. Without any doubt, putting Her Mania behind the decks, is a guarantee for the crowd to rave (and misbehave)!

Her Mania


Artist & Resident of NLTT? – Founder and owner of Strohm Records