1. Petrichor (Original Mix) Kento & MCBR 7:55

KENTO is a Belgian techno dj/producer who grew up in the heart of Belgium, Brussels. Passionate about music since the age of six, he starts to play saxophone, obtaining a degree at the conservatory of Mechelen 10 years later as a theoretical musician and saxophone player. He then evolved continuously as a musician, learning the guitar, drums etc. At the age of 21 he started DJing house music and was more than well received. Playing often at top Belgian venues such as Fuse, Wood, Vaag, Zodiak however, he couldn’t shake the feeling that techno is the real musical love of his life and was more and more drawn towards mixing techno. Mid 2019 he decided to fully devote himself to the musical genre in which he can expressive himself in the most natural way possible. Thus Kento was born.

He started to produce his own tracks since late 2019, and barely 3 months later he got his first release under his belt on Ithica Records, other releases soon followed on several labels such as MTZ Noir records, No Response Records, Minitek Records, etc. Receiving support from several big artists such as charlotte de Witte, and achieving multiple number one spots with his tracks.In his music his primary goal is to connect with the crowd, trying to transport them and drift away, His music can be best described as a mixture between low pounding kicks, trippy little sounds, and unconventional, original combination of tracks. He has without a doubt found his own touch and his own unique way to transmit his story, identity and love for music through his releases and sets. He generally mixes with 3-4 tracks at the same time combining the elements of all tracks into a delicate mixture that makes you think of Berlins techno scene in the wink of an eye.



Kento’s mix of raw energy, brutal basses, his emulsive technique and his need to connect with the crowd is a guarantee for an unforgettable experience. Since 2022 a member of the NLTT? family.