1. Hydro Lara Klart & Mark Greene 6:35
  2. Rise Lara Klart & Jay Toledo 4:50
  3. Ave Maria Lara Klart & Jay Toledo 6:24
  4. Ashes Lara Klart & Jay Toledo 6:47
  5. Europe 2022 (Mix) Lara Klart 1:09:16

Lara Klart is the first female DJ from Ecuador to reach international stardom. Her extensive performance schedule lists Resistance Festival, Dreamfields Mexico as well as many other festivals and venues in North and South America and Europe.

Her first residency was at Poe Club in Mexico City in 2014. Lara created and developed her unique style mixing uncompromising headstrong Melodic, House, Deep House and Acid, Hard Techno. Mexico was also the scene for Lara’s debut on the big stage, performing at Dreamfields Festival 2018, Red Light Dos Equis Music Festival in Sinaloa and Chihuahua in 2015.

In 2018 Lara launched her international career, touring different countries of Latin America, United States and Europe.

She made her ADE debut in 2018 “Amsterdam Dance Music” and Resistance by Ultra Music Festival 2019 in Costa Rica. A paramount festival of the world’s Techno Calendar.

Lara was born in Manabi, Ecuador to a family of artists. It was her grandfather and mother’s love for singing that created an emotional bond with music from childhood. In school, Lara learned music, acting and she competed in talent shows. But it was Lara’s older sister who introduced her to pop music and Hip Hop, a musical journey that would lead Lara towards Rock, Jazz, Classical Music, Tango, Sytrance and Heavy Metal a few years later.

From 2016 to 2022 Lara Klart toured more than 50 clubs and festivals in Latin America, United States and Europe. Becoming one of the few Latin American DJs producing a unique House and Techno sound.

As a music producer Lara has worked in several musical genres and collaborations with other artists. She also branched out and produced the official Soundtrack for Miss World Ecuador “CNB Ecuador Organization”. Her songs have been heard on national radio stations in New York City – SiriusXM Radio, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.

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Lara Klart


Lara Klart defines herself as a Tech House, Deep House, Hard/ Acid / Rolling Techno artist, with fast and heavy heart pounding kicks and acid melodies. Since 2022 a member of the NLTT? family.