1. Normative Podcast 013 - Polet Kovacheva (Mix) Polet Kovacheva 1:32:05
  2. Marika Rossa's Female Army in Cafe d'Anvers (Mix) Polet Kovacheva 1:27:50
  3. Weekend Session #10 (Mix) Polet Kovacheva 1:24:05
  4. Weekend Session #6 (Mix) Polet Kovacheva 1:02:30

Polet Kovacheva has been NLTT’s powerful and unforgiving nocturnal shaman since her debut in 2016. There is nothing she enjoys more than leading a tribe of partygoers down the darkest paths imaginable. She entrances the audience with incessant repetitions of feverishly fast rhythms and she summons the wild animals hiding inside using a relentless stream of powerful beats.

Once she succeeds in waking your primal dancer from its slumber, there is no more escape. She will lead you down a road of delirious and ecstatic dancing. No matter how hard you try, your heart will keep racing, your feet will keep stomping and every pore in your skin will be oozing with sweat. The more you swing your arms and the more the mesmerised wolf inside you howls, the more inflamed she gets.

You gasp for air while she increases the pace even more, without mercy. As the night progresses, you will be visited by every demon and every spirit known to man. By the time she lays down her magic wand, you will both beg her for mercy and more. NLTT’s witch doctor is the opposite of a horse whisperer trying to tame the wild mustang. Polet Kovacheva will bring out the wild grizzly bear in even the most timid and unremarkable human being and she will catch your soul.

After becoming a steady force for NLTT? in 2016, she won Be Rave’s Female dj contest (in association with ‘Slagveld’) in November 2018 and became a proud member of Be Rave’s roster. Joining the Normative collective in 2019 and releasing her first track on Falsive records in April 2020 Playing at the bigger festivals like Aftrsun, her own ‘livestream sessions’ on Beats2Dance radio, playing before legendary techno dj’s such as Marco Bailey, Dj Rush, Marika Rossa etc. Bookings flying in and loved by many…

Yeah she’s starting to take over the world!

Polet Kovacheva


Industrial & Hard Techno
Resident at Nobody Listens To Techno?, Normative, BeRave & “Beats2Dance Radio.