1. Face Off (Original Mix) Tie Kez 6:24
  2. Space Cowboy (Tie Kez remix) Lina Respen & Benn-x 7:49
  3. Tie Kez for Living Room on FNOOB Techno Radio 22-03-2020 (Mix) Tie Kez 2:00:54
  4. Moodtronic & friends Inv. Tie Kez - Opening LCKDWN Sessions 20-03-2020 (Mix) Tie Kez 1:13:24
  5. Outer Halo (Original Mix) Tie Kez 7:27
  6. Inner Halo (Benn-x & Lina Respen remix) Tie Kez 6:54
  7. Inner Halo (Goose Tann remix) Tie Kez 7:22
  8. Inner Halo (Original Mix) Tie Kez 6:45
  9. DAS TECHNO - Closin' set 07-03-2020 (Mix) Tie Kez 1:59:00
  10. Mix for Bunk3r R3cords on FNOOB Techno Radio 20-02-2020 (Mix) Tie Kez 59:50
  11. Repetitive Darkness (Original Mix) Tie Kez 7:35

There is a legend about a warrior panda whose origins can be traced back all the way to a time when the art of mixing was still in its infancy.
Some say he is a direct descendant of the founding fathers of techno.
Others say he lived in a cave for years, practicing his transitions tirelessly, while many believe he acquired his flawless mixing powers through some obscure black magic ritual.

However it may be, history books show that he first rose to prominence in the vinyl era, taking up a residency in the legendary Outline after club.
He survived that tumultuous era almost unscathed as the world plunged into a new era and a new millennium.
While the Belgian rave scene witnessed the demise of some of its most iconic institutions, legends and rave temples, Tie Kez lay quiet, devoting his energy to family life.
When the techno scene transformed and re-emerged stronger than ever, so did the legendary warrior panda.

He didn’t dwell on past achievements and quickly adapted to new techniques and possibilities and came back with a purpose.
Colleagues today hail his mastery of mixing arts as second to none; his productions as being crisp and packing a serious punch.
This recently landed him assignments on labels such as MTZ Noir, Ithica Records, Subwoofer Records, Underground Records, Strohm Records and Soulflex Records while serving as a beacon of experience for the Nobody Listens To Techno collective.

As one of the hardest working pandas in techno, Tie Kez, always comes prepared. His plan of attack, when conquering yet another dance floor, usually includes a steady flow of beats and an endless stream of neatly interwoven industrial and dark techno tracks. For Tie Kez, techno is about creating stories, creating moments, community and above all: about making your legs move as if you were possessed by a demon.

Rarely will you encounter a more modest legend.

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NLTT? at RADAR Belgium // 30 NOVEMBER 2019

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Tie Kez


Artist & Resident of NLTT? – Label manager at MTZ Noir Records (BE)
Releases on: Ihtica Records, Falsive Records, Bunk3r R3cords, Strohm Records, Soulflex Records, Underground (Media EVO Records) & MTZ Noir Records.