1. Azazel TØLR 6:04
  2. Dead Land 16 bit TØLR 5:12
  3. Devil Choose You [Master] FINAL TØLR 6:18
  4. Mordor TØLR 6:53

You might know him for his raw kicks and raw industrial style… Teodor Spasov, also known as TØLR, is a DJ and producer from Pernik, Bulgaria. Born in 1995. Music has been around him since he was a child. He started working more professionally at the end of 2019. When he founded his label ‘Normative Records’ he has already released with Hearts Whispers, Pure Hate 000, VNR Agency Records, Hard Gang and has many more releases coming soon.



Industrial & Hard Techno
Founder of Normative Records and resident at Nobody Listens To Techno?